Discover a career you love with a company invested in you.


Making sure that your family loves where you work is a top priority for us.

Unlimited PTO

Get your work done, take as much PTO as you need.

Our Culture

We care about you. Our Culture is our secret sauce. 

Team Players

Everything we do is built around working on a team.

Matching 401k

Matching from day one.

At NSG, we believe in tech with purpose. If you want your work to have a meaningful impact on society, join us in making a difference through technology.

Sponsored Certs & Training

We pay for Certs and Training.

Excellent Health Insurace

NSG Pays for 99% of your Health Insurance. 

Leadership That Cares

Caring for our Staff is the only way to lead.


Playing Super Smash Bros, Ping Pong, or have a Nurf War is a daily thing around here.

We Like to Eat

Cater Meals. Cereal and Oatmeal Bar.

At NSG, we’re on an exciting journey to transform industries through cutting-edge technology and serving our clients. If you’re a tech enthusiast who also loves serving, let’s embark on this adventure together!


We reimburse your gym membership. Stay Healthy.

Respect Your Time

IT does not sleep but you do.  We respect your time.

Career Growth

From an Intern to a Team Leader, there is room to grow here. 


You don’t have to guess. Clear communication from your leader is the norm. 


Long-term career success.  Our staff  wants to and has retired here.

We’re all superheroes in our own way. At NSG, we give you the tools, opportunities, and support to unleash your tech superpowers and to help change the world!

There’s a reason that our Techs who come to work here, stay here.